You accidentally sent money to someone else’s bank account; So what to do to get back the money?

bank money
  • In today’s time, digital wallets are easily transacting money through UPI, BHIM app, and other services
  • RBI guidelines that the bank will have to arrange for the right account to be refunded from the wrong account.

bank money: A lot of emphases have been given on digital payments due to coronavirus and lockdown. The bank is also instructing the bank to come only for those things which cannot be through net banking or online banking. Digital Wallet, NEFT/2017 Are easily transacting money through RTGS, UPI, Google Pay, Bhim app, and other services.

All these mediums are the easiest ways to send or call for money that millions of people are using. However, it has been easier to transfer money because of these facilities, but mistakes are also happening. Sometimes, when transferring money, the bank account number is accidentally transferred to the wrong account when it is wrongly typed. Such problems have also increased due to the growing trend of internet banking.

Let us know what to do if there is a mistake while transferring bank money?

  • First, inform the bank about it.

If you have accidentally transferred money to another person’s bank account, first give it to your bank by phone or email. It would be better to meet the branch manager at the earliest. Understand that only the bank’s account in which you have transferred money can solve the issue. Give your bank information about the forgotten transactions in the details. This includes the date and time of the transaction, your account number and the account number in which the money has been transferred by mistake, etc.

  • Take legal action

In most cases of accidentally transferring the unmount, the receiver is ready to repay the money. But if he refuses to repay the money, you can file a case against him. You also have the right to take legal action in such cases from your side. You can take legal action by registering a complaint with the bank. The RBI guidelines that if the money is accidentally deposited in another’s account, your bank will have to take steps at the earliest. The bank will have to arrange for the refund of money from the wrong account to the right account.

for complaint:

  • Can get back the amount

If the account number in which you have transferred money is wrong or ifsc code is wrong, the money will automatically come to your account, but it is not so, go to your bank branch and meet the branch manager. Tell him about this wrong transaction. Try to find out which bank account the money has gone to. If money is accidentally transferred to another bank’s account, the amount may take more time to return. Many a time, banks can also take up to 2 months to dispose of such cases. You can find out from your bank which branch of the city has transferred money to which account. You can withdraw the money by talking to that branch.

Keep in mind these things while making online payments-

  • When transferring money, check the receiver’s bank account number again.
  • When you enter a bank account number in haste, your money may be transferred to the wrong account when a single digit is
  • accidentally turned around.
  • Before sending money, please add the account, so that you are able to transfer again and again.
  • First, start sending money to another’s account with a lower amount, so that if the money goes to the wrong account, the damage is minimized.
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