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Newspapers and magazines have been in circulation in India for several decades. Online magazines are a good medium for middle-class people to receive news paper with morning tea. For this reason, the online magazine market in India has become extremely popular.

  • Benefit of Online Magazine?
  • Teradata :
  • Online magazines will continue to be published as long as the portal has sufficient information, and the magazine will remain safe forever.
  • online magazines contain more personal information.
  • The online magazine also has a number of other links that can be easily accessed on other sites. In addition, putting up a video brings a new life to the news.
    Beneficial for the environment:
  • Paper is used in traditional magazines. Which requires paper and is cut for paper by several pedos, which is harmful to the environment.
  • so online magazines and newspapers are the best medium, and also safe for the environment.
    Low cost:
  • Given the growing popularity of online magazines, publishers have reduced the subscription cast.
  • Making web applications cheaper and better than traditional publications.
  • How to Start Online Magazine Business?

  • Pre-Production Plan (Planning):Business Plan: It is very important to start an industry to create a precise and accurate business plan. This is the first step, if it is not properly ignored, the result is a failure. While formulating such a plan, success can be achieved by making the right path in view of the objective.

    Getting information about the lessons: Before the actual publication of the online magazine, it is important to have a full overview of the market. Whatever data it receives, we will get information about the interest of the readers.

    Competition information in the market: It’s important that when we’re publishing a magazine, we should also be aware of other magazines available in the market. These are direct rivals, we can get new ideas from their business model and knowledge.

    Collecting enough funds: Any magazine small or large requires a substantial fund. It costs less than the print publication. If there are not enough funds, it is necessary to make a plan to deposit funds.

  • Create Online Representation of the Magazine.

  • Choose the correct name: When the initial plan is created, then the correct name has to be selected. It may take a long time, whatever the name may be, there should be something unique or new for the readers with the publication information.Domain name choice: A domain name is required to create a website. There are many domain registrations and host spaces available in India, such as Go Dead. As soon as we log on to these sites, we have to see whether the name we have selected is available or not, if it is already available, then we have to work in the next name. Then we meet .com, dot com, dot in and dot co dot in, according to our requirement and availability. The charge of the site in the domain package can be between 500 and 1000.

    Attend host space: When the choice of domain name is complete, the host space has to be followed. a lot of domain registration company also provides host service. The hosting service provider also offers server space so that we can launch or activate the website. The service can be priced from 900 to 1500 per annum.

  • Marketing and Advertisement Tips for Online Magazine

  • Traditional promotions: The right promotion is the foundation for success. By choice of the right words, we can create good content and attract lessons. Traditional advertising is published in any way, such as putting in the back of the car, by advertising the newspaper, by magazines and radios.Social Media Tools: A magazine is promoting creating your profile on social media or social platforms, using a link on this profile to provide information about it to the readers. We can take a few selected lessons. We can publish it quickly and more quickly. We can share links to our family members and friends so that they can reach more people.

    email marketing process: we can use email marketing if we have enough readers available. We not only send proper messages, even though the readers also feel that they are connected to us in a constructive way.

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