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Uidai has made the address update process completely easier in view of the old or changing hassle associated with the Aadhaar card. (B) Uidai has now updated the address on mobile in just a few clicks. Uidai has taken this decision in an attempt to mitigate the distress of the corona epidemic.

Aadhaar card has become the most important document:  

  • In the last 2 years, the Aadhaar card has become the most important document of every Indian.
  • Aadhaar card is required to do every government work.
  • It has become much easier to do digital KYC through the Aadhaar card.
  • At this time of the corona epidemic, all the work is being completed online through the Aadhaar card.
  • Your Aadhaar card is very important to be fully correct and updated
  • If there is a slight mess, your work cannot be completed.

The complete process of updating the Aadhaar card address on mobile:

  • aadhar card link with mobile number
  • Uidai has shared a video on Twitter to update the Aadhaar card address on mobile in which the entire process is explained in detail.
  • For Aadhaar card address updates, you must first open uidai’s official website on your mobile.
  • Then go to the update option and click on the option of Update Your Address Online.
  • Then you have to click on Proceed To Update Address once again.
  • Here you have to enter your Aadhaar card number and click on Send OTP.
  • You have to complete the verification by entering the OTP received on mobile.
  • On the next page, you’ll get the option of Update Address Via Address Proof to click on it.
  • Here you have to enter the address on your Address proof and check the information and submit it.
  • On the next page, you will need to upload a scanned copy of the address proof.
  • For Address Proof you can upload a scanned copy of one of the passports, bank passbooks, bank statements, ration cards, voter income D, driving, ration cards.
  • You can upload the photo on your mobile side.
  • After submitting the information, you will be confirmed through SMS.
  • The verification process will then be completed after which your new address of the Aadhaar card will be updated and you can download the new Aadhaar card by visiting uidai’s website.

Aadhaar card UPDATE

Address updates can also be made if address proof is not:

Uidai has issued another tweet and informed that the address can be updated through a validation letter even after the address is not proof.
First of all, you have to go to the uidai website.
Then click on the option of Update Address Online.
you have to click on the option of Address Address Validation Letter.
you have to enter the Aadhaar card number and the captcha code.
Then people have to do these by adding OTP received on mobile.
enter the Aadhaar card number of your address verifier means here you can use the bean address of your family member’s Aadhaar card for your Aadhaar card.

You have to click on the send request by entering the Aadhaar number of the person whose Aadhaar card address you want to use.
Then an SMS will be sent to the man and the Aadhaar card address will have the OTP verification link to him.
After clicking on this link, you have to submit the received OTP and captcha code.
Then you will be sent a 10 digit SRN number and a link will be given.
You have to enter a 10 digit SRN number by using a Lasik on that link and submit it by entering the captcha code.
Again you will get another OTP and people have to complete these.
In the next step, you will be shown the address of the man who will now use it for your Aadhaar card once the information is checked and submitted.

Thereafter, the Aadhaar application letter address is sent to the address of the verifier through the post.
Once you receive this code through the post, go to app co SSUP.uidai.gov.in and select the Update Address Online option once again.
Proceed To Update Address this option is to be selected by selecting the Aadhaar number captcha code and OTP.
After people are in, you have to opt for Update Address Via Secret Code.
And you need to enter the secret code received through Speed Post and then submit it.
You will then be asked to upload a scanned copy of the address proof and you have to choose the Address Pin Issued by Uidai. And you have to upload the received address PIN PDF.
In this way, your address will be updated without an address proof document after the entire process is completed.

aadhaar address update status


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