Social Media Influencer Awesome Ways to Side Income . || make money online ||

Awesome Ways to Side Income . || make money online ||

Today, in this article, we are going to talk about four extra income methods that you are doing your business, your job or whatever you are working and wanting to get extra income and want some benefit from the Internet and earn some money because digital India is happening. This is what will happen in 2019-2020 when India has this situation in 2018. So I am going to tell you a very good thing if you do this, then after six months, something will be created. So read this article carefully if you want to make some extra income, I am going to talk about it. Everyone knows that Xiao came and everyone has a 4G smartphone in hand and no memory is taken in everyone’s hand.

Everything will go digital in the coming time. What happened earlier was Ed running on TV, Ed walked in the cricket match. But it will come to the point that people know where to give the add. People will add youTuber, add social media influencer. So let us know what social media influencer?


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Social Media Influencer

  • Many people will not know what brother digital marketing is? What is a social media influencer? So I’m explaining to you in simple language. Let’s assume you’ll have a Facebook account, twitter account, LinkedIn account, Instagram. Here we take an example of Instagram. If you want to earn extras, social media is going to be a means of earning a lot of good. Today, everything is going digital. How many brands do we have to contact you like you? That this brand of ours has been promoting this thing of ours, our business has to be promoted which.


  • Who are good brands? We take Colaba with them. Make videos with them. If you also want to do it from social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, I’m telling you what’s processed. The first thing that the brand will be is that of the flower industries from the fashion industry and if you follow any hero or heroine, everyone will be showing the hero and heroine whenever a phone is launched.


  • Just don’t see what Shikhar Dhawan’s job is to play a cricket match. But not an actor’ s job. They earn a lot of money from movie movies. But the more money it earns from marketing than the movie does not earn money. Suppose you have 20000 followers on Instagram. Engagement is good like, comments come, brands will see you. I’ve made a video on him. On some issues like ours that weren’t something 2 years ago, he created a good audience on his Instagram. Today, big brands contact them and they charge lakhs of rupees for a post. Put a couple of videos on top of it and watch them on my channel. So the biggest thing was if you have followers on social media.


  • Suppose you have 20000 followers on Instagram. So how much you can charge is fine from 1000 to 5000. You can feel free to ask. Because it disbands the account you have related to. Do you put everything in? Or it remains in one subject. Just as I have digital marketing, only the content will be related to digital marketing. That is, the advertising company will know that if I get this product promotion here, it’s the only audience. Accordingly, you get the money. So if you have 20,000 followers on Instagram and have good engagement, you’ll now have a broadband contract and you’re between 1000 and 5000. If your following is between 50000 and 100,000, you can ask for between 10,000 and 50,000. Ranging from 10,000 and if your subscribers are in million millions. As if you see Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli has his Nike promotions. I don’t know how many brands they promote. You’ll see that he charges a lot of money. Cricketers or all the actors charge a hefty sum of money.



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