Make Money Online 2020 I 5 Ways to Make Money from Home 2021

  • Welcome to allnsoll money. Today we are going to tell 5 ways to make money from your home with 1 bonus tip so that you can earn money from your home.

Sell Your Skills.

  • first way sell your skills first of all you need to find out identify the hidden skill that you can sell in the market, you can cash out it for
  • example, you could be good cook who make delicious food, recipes you may know how to make health diet chart, project management, resume making, accounts or it could be anything, you need to identify that one thing that you’re good at and you can sell your skill in the market first you need to identify the skill then you need to promote that skill in every social media platform you have to promote every where so that people who all are looking for that skill can contact you and then you can earn money from this you will get people interested in your recipe, diet chart, language, resume making maybe they want to learn about accounts or anything it could be anything so you need to identify then you need to promote your skill on social media so that people can contact you so that people can contact you you can take help from your family for a mock class like you want to sell your cooking skills give a mock class where you can take feedback about your skill and then accordingly you can make changes and know how to take action further so this is a first tip identify your skill set promote that skill, take help from others reach social media and then people will contact you by themselves so this is first way to make money from home.


Writing Article.

  • the second way, writing article, blog post social media post, these are it is connected to writing if you have a good command on English or Hindi writing in Hindi or English, if you search on internet then you find about the article, blog post, social media then you will find there are so many options are available in the market there is a huge growth on social media opportunity of writing is huge websites, applications product reviews, in all these, they need writers if you think you have a decent writing quality command is good whether English or Hindi then you can earn money easily there are so many options available in the market so you can earn money through writing for them this is our second-way writing.

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Affiliate Marketing.

  • 3rd-way Affiliate in general term what is affiliate marketing?
  • example, in this article, while explaining below down you will find few links where you can product n services if you buy product or service through those links if you buy product or service through those links you will be a customer and also that company will give me some kind of commission this whole process is known as an affiliate marketing but I want to tell you something different here I want to tell you, you yourself become an affiliate.



  • e.g. you do not want to sell any skills then you do not want to write if you do want to do this then you can find people with the skills and want to sell you can do commission based work you can help in meeting skills & business people who in need of service and who want to take service you can help them in meeting and take the commission you can take help from your circle there are people with certain skills set you to know them and their skills and they do not want to promote by themselves you can promote their skills they don’t have to promote and in exchange of that you can charge them a commission in this way, you don’t need skill set, you just need to promote them you need to help service provider to get business in this whole process you can earn commission this is also a way to earn money by an affiliate so you can take this advantage and earn money.


Google Rewards.
  • 4th way, google rewards it is an application, google opinion rewards you just need to download this app in your phone it will ask to do some surveys and in revert you can earn some amount of money apart from this application, there are so many other apps are there in the market this is no 4 google opinion rewards with this app you can earn money lot faster way no.
Creative Websites.
  • 5 creative websites if you are a creative person you belong to a creative field like art, photography, videography, video editing, audio work or maybe scriptwriting or anything related to the at so here is a chance for you to take your services online right away before that if you are not online then you can take your services online this is the right time there are so many websites, offering work to people work and hire freelancer, Fiverr and so many like that which helps freelancer to work and they charge a commission for the work so you need to upload your profile on those websites and customer will approach you and you can also approach them you can also find project according to your requirement and grab the project apart from the creative field, you will also find other options their like data management writing, sales n others you can also search there as I have already mentioned about the writing stuff so you can find writing work in these websites in these websites,
  • you will find so many options to search for work in different fields and can work from home to earn money.
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