Farmers can now earn more profits by selling dung to the government,

Gaudhan Nyaya Yojana'

Cows are a pet that receives many things such as cow’s milk, which makes many foods and is very good and beneficial for all health. At the same time, let’s tell you that only cow’s milk and food items do not benefit you, but you can also benefit from cow dung. Because cow dung makes wood and manure, which is used in many things. The Chhattisgarh government has launched the ‘Gaudhan Nyaya Yojana’ to buy cow dung from cattle farmers. They can earn a good income by joining them. What is this plan and how it will benefit? The entire process is detailed in this article, with the end of it.

  • What is Gaudhan Nyay Yojana?
  • The Chhattisgarh state government has announced the launch of the Gaughan Nyaya Yojana for its state cattle farmers. Cattle farmers are mainly farmers. So, under this scheme, the state government will buy dung from animal husbandry farmers and sell it back to farmers and others at affordable prices by producing vermicompost manure. So that this manure can be used to grow trees and plants and crops.
  • Objective of Gaudhan Nyaya Yojana?
  • The main objective of the Gaughan Nyaya Yojana is to promote animal husbandry, improve the economic condition of cattle farmers by increasing their incomes, protecting, and managing stray animals in villages and cities. And all of these are better than creating manure to protect the environment and improve it, etc.
  • Why Gordhan Nyay Yojana was Launched?

  • The Chhattisgarh Chief Minister has launched the scheme because he believes that Chhattisgarh has always had a tradition of open grazing which has caused damage to crops. At the same time, after stopping the cows from milking,
  • they are left out, causing road accidents and loss of life and property in stray animal cities. Therefore, in a bid to make the cow a profitable business,
  • the government has launched the Gaughan Nyaya Yojana by deciding to buy dung from cattle farmers.
  • Features and Benefits?
  • The Chhattisgarh state government’s Gaudhan Nyaya Yojana is increasing the income of animal husbandry farmers.
    Also, employment opportunities are being provided to many unemployed people living in the village area by increasing employment opportunities.
    Efforts are also being made to strengthen the rural economy of the state through this scheme.
    Gaushalas have been developed in at least 2,200 villages in the state to implement the scheme. And in the coming few months, the figure could surpass 5,000.
    The scheme will be known as the Aajeevika Kendra, where vermicompost will be constructed by women of self-help groups.
  • FAQ’s

  • What is the purchase rate of cow dung?
    Ans: The procurement rate of cow dung has been fixed at Rs 1.5 per kg.Q: Since when will cow dung be procured under The Gaughan Nyaya Yojana?
    Under the Gaughan Nyaya Yojana, cow dung will be purchased by the government from Hareli Festival, which is only on July 20.Q: Who determined the purchase rate of dung?
    Ans: The change in procurement rate of cow dung has been decided during a meeting of a committee of Forest Minister, Minister of Cooperatives, Urban Administration and Revenue Minister under the Chairmanship of Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources.

    Q: How will dung be procured?
    Ans: The state government has entrusted the urban administration minister with the responsibility of purchasing dung from cattle farmers.

    Q: Will cow dung be purchased only for cow?
    Ans: The names of the cattle dung to be procured under the Gaughan Nyaya Yojana are not known. But it is mainly said that the government will buy cow dung.


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