How to start fish farming business?

  • The trade-in fisheries can be of great benefit in India, as nearly 60 percent of India’s population prefers to eat fish. It is very important to have a river to start this business. There are many rivers, lakes and seas in our country. With the help of which anyone can start this business. You also need land to do this business. This land is used to build tanks, ponds, or such a place.
  • Why do fish farming?
  • The demand for fish is increasing not only in India but all over the world. The main reason for the increase in demand is the tasty fish and the existing sources of many proteins and vitamins. So, globally, its market is growing.
  • Just as we told you above, the biggest source of trade is seas, rivers and ponds. But with increasing technology, people have adopted new methods of fishing, leaving old natural methods of fishing. Now people have started rearing fish by artificially building ponds or tanks. Not only that, the fishing trade by sea is constantly declining. This is due to the production of fish by the people themselves by building fish farms.
  • What is Fish Farming?
  • Fish farming means increasing the size of fish and rearing fish that are produced from them. Not only that, the cost of this business is much lower than the profit it receives. Simply you can earn 5 to 10 times the profit easily.
  • The process of doing fish farming?

  • The first way to rear fish is to build a pond or tank. You need land to make it. That is, the first step is to build a pond or fish keeping space.


  • Site selection for fish farming?
  • It is very important to choose a proper place for fisheries or fisheries, to keep in mind that the atmosphere and place in fisheries makes a lot of difference. For example, fish size grows slowly in winter or in cold areas. If you live in India, try to complete the construction of the pond during the winter season. So that you start rearing the fishes a little before the summer arrives.
  • Pond Design And Construction process?
  • You can build a pond or tank in many ways, for example, if you want to save effort and time. So buy large tanks of plastic. If you want to build it on the ground, you can make the place in the shape of a pond with the help of a machine. If your budget is low, you can easily build a pond with the help of shovels. After making the construction, spray the bleaching powder and lime in the soil. Doing so causes pests and unnecessary organisms to die in the selected area.
  • fish farming feeding systems?
  • In addition, the police have been given a new number of 1000 people. Therefore, you should already arrange for the necessary fish food. Keep in mind that food should be favorable for fish and if possible, arrange for their food keeping in mind the fish species. Not only that, it is important to take care of the water of the pond. If the water is not correct, add it to the pond only after examining it.
  • Selection of Fish Breeds?

  • The most important and essential thing for fisheries is to choose a species of fish for farming. In India, species of rohu, Katla, mussel, tuna, grass sharp, and hisla fish are mainly found. Such species can also adapt to monsoons and conditions. This means it would be beneficial to choose such fish to do business in India. These species are easily found in India, so their prices are also used.
  • maintenance?
  • You also need workers to run this business smoothly. Who can take care of these fish and feed them from time to time? At the same time, it is also very important to protect fish. If a fish has a disease, you should use potassium permanganate and salts. Because these germs or diseases that spread in a fish can make the entire fish sick. So take special care of fish care.
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