How to start car and bike washing business

car and bike washing

Friends today, there has been a significant increase in vehicles on the roads as compared to earlier. Because today everyone has started keeping themselves very busy. The work is so much that they don’t have time to do anything. They are constantly going to do jobs or business with their car or bike, but they do not have enough time to clean it, and it is also a very difficult task to wash them when the car or bike is too dirty. The person has the same option, i.e., he has no choice but to take him to a car washing shop. In addition, there are many people who take their trains to the washing shop for continual washing. So today I will try to tell you how to trade cars or bike washing?

  • What does the car wash business mean?
  • As I mentioned above, it is called a car washing business by some people not washing the car or bike themselves and washing it in the washing shop. In return, the car owner has to pay the price. And the price can range from Rs 50 to Rs 500.
  • What is the main reason for the washing of the car?
  • If your car has become too messy and muddy, it may take a long time for you to wash the use, because with a tame dust will not be washed away by the car or just the water will not be washed away, the trains are cleaned to the inside of the places where it is difficult to reach the hand. Therefore, people take their car or bike to a washing shop where washing is done by pressure. The washing shop also takes some extra charge and is also waxing the trains.
  • Choice of first place

  • Friends, car washing, or bike washing business is mostly in places where trains are repairing. Because washing a car or bike produces a lot of wash and dirt. And if this work is done between the market, there may be a lot of objects.
  • Therefore, if you want to do business, choose a place where people are at least in trouble. To wash a car or bike you will need at least 30 by 40 sq ft of space if you have more than that.
  • Because to wash the car, you have to build a vehicle according to the car on which the cars will come and stand. In addition, the bike will also have to prepare some flat space, besides having a room or room to keep the equipment.
  • How much will the car or bike wash business cost?
  • Friends’ cost depends on the scope of your business. Because this business can be started at a very low cost i.e. 20,000 machines. And if the scope is large, you can also put up lakhs of rupees. Usually, cars or bike washing machines come around 50,000. In addition, you may need some other equipment, plus a commercial electricity connection, and a water system that you may need about 1 lakh, the place is of self-re-cost, but it may also have to be spent. If all is seen, it may require about Rs. 2 lakh to start a car or bike washing business.
  • What could be the earnings in this business?

  • Earnings depend on multiple factors. Like what your fees are for washing cars, how many customers you have, how many your expenses are, or how much you can save. You can know the earnings by estimating all these things. However, if 10 to 20 customers come every day, 20,000 to 30,000 per month are not going anywhere.
  • How to do marketing?

  • You can advertise in a local area with a newspaper, local TV channel, or pompet to get marketing. Before that, you have to name your business. So that people can know that there is a fruit washing shop. In addition, another option is to identify your life or if possible, if you go to your surroundings, those who have cars can be requested to get a continual washing in less money. Keep in mind that the more your service is better, the more customers you will come to, the more you give you some facility along with the service, it can be better effective.
  • Things to Keep In Mind

  • India has a low number of cars and a high number of bikes. So if you do the business of washing, do not ignore the bike and arrange a separate stand for it.
    Focus on the highest location, i.e. think of busing to the same location where your business can run.
    Inspect your area before starting a car or bike washing business so that you can know what to do next, how much do you have to charge?
    This business produces a lot of dust, which must be taken into account by arranging its expulsion.
    This business has an ego roll of pressure, washing of trains can be difficult if there is no electricity, so if a separate pressure tank is taken, the trains can be washed at some point of time.
  • License and registration for this business?

  • In addition to this business, you may initially need to register with the local authority, in addition to which tex registration may be required. Because this business produces a lot of dirty water and dust, it has to be ascertained from the municipal corporation that there is no rule of law. So guys hope you’ve liked this information. If yes, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Comments below can be made for some kind of question or suggestion.
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